Facebook & LinkedIn Online Course

for Mortgage Brokers & Real Estate Agents

Discover how to use both Facebook and LinkedIn to strengthen your brand online and increase your connections to people who are specifically interested in property.

Facebook & LinkedIn online course

The FastTrack Your Social, Facebook & LinkedIn online course includes 6 Step X Step modules containing over 50 chapters that are easy to follow and show you exactly how to strengthen the positioning of you, your brand and generate increased enquiries for your business.



Your Facebook Page: 

  • Facebook Page Vs Profile, which is better for your business? 

  • Quickly and easily set up your Facebook Page.

  • Build a header image or video that stands out.

Position You & Your Brand as an Authority:

  • Strengthen the online positioning of your business, your services and your brand,

  • Social Proof to position yourself as an authority within your industry,

  • Establish, build and nurture professional relationships for the long term.

Content & Posts to Build Relationships:

  • Tested posting strategies for both Facebook and LinkedIn,

  • What to Post,

  • Where to find content, 

  • W,I,I,F,T, (What's in it for them, posting strategy,

  • Where to find data to measure your strategy and improve your results.

  • Automate and schedule your posts.

Targeted Advertising to Reach More of The Right Audience:

  • How to reach the right target audience of people who are specifically interested in property,

  • Actual search terms to use in your ads,

  • Advertise to your own database,

  • How Facebook can actually help you to reach larger and wider audiences. 



Set Up and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: 

  • Set up and develop your LinkedIn profile to achieve 'All Star' status,

  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to improve it's ranking within the LinkedIn search results,

  • Use Social Proof to stand out from the crowd.

Grow Your Connections: 

(Connect with more of the right people within your target market)


  • Access the worlds largest database of businesses to expand your reach,

  • Search for your target audience,  

  • Build and grow existing target markets, 

  • Identify new and suitable target markets, 

  • Connect with more people that match your client/customer avatar,

  • Connect the right way.  

How to Use LinkedIn the Right Way to Generate Leads:

  • Create genuine leads without selling,

  • Establish, build and nurture professional relationships,

  • How to and the right time to 'pitch' what you offer,

  • Increase enquiries and sales.


  • Get Service & Support inside our private, members only Facebook group, 

  • How to stay of track towards your objectives by joining a mastermind.

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