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In House Facebook & LinkedIn Training 

for Your Team.

'The Art of Generating Business with 

Facebook & LinkedIn.

Our tailored 'in house' training & coaching will show your team how to use both Facebook and LinkedIn to

  • Target and reach people specifically interested in property or property related finance, such as home loans etc

  • Connect with more of the right people,

  • Establish, build and nurture relationships,

  • & generate real leads that convert.

Raising the Bar...

'The Art of Generating Business Using Facebook & LinkedIn' includes 

  1. How to avoid the top 3 mistakes most people make,

  2. The importance of having the right Step X Step action plan,

  3. How to create a LinkedIn Profile with 'impact',

  4. How to set up your Facebook Page to really impress, 

  5. How to increase both your connections on LinkedIn and your Page Likes or Followers on Facebook,

  6. What to Post on both platforms - The right content that your target audience can relate to,

  7. How to save time by automating and scheduling your posts on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

  8. How to advertise on Facebook to reach more people who are specifically interested in the property market,

  9. A simple to follow, 5 Step, targeted marketing campaign.

Derick will educate your team on how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to 

  • Network more effectively with high profile individuals, 

  • Strengthen the positioning of your business, your services and your brand,

  • Position you as an authority within your industry, 

  • Establish, build and nurture professional relationships for the long term, 

  • Create genuine leads without selling,

  • Position you to generate referrals,

  • Stand out from the crowd, 

  • Drive more qualified traffic with increased interest in your business to your website.


  • Join our private Facebook group, 

  • Access to the FastTrack Your Facebook course as an ongoing reference and resource.

Like to Know More!

Interested in Learning About
How to Use Both Facebook & LinkedIn to Generate Leads, to Build, Grow & Scale Your Business? 

Schedule a phone appointment.

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