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Its rare that you find a professional in the social media arena who actually knows his stuff as much as Derick. Within a few months Derick has opened my company up in both Linked in and Facebook. We're now working on Google. and we're just getting started. Use Derick. He's honest, direct and highly knowledgeable.

Kurt Heide

Boca Raton. Florida. USA​

Derick is a fantastic person full of benevolence. He genuinely cares about relations and offers so many freebies from emojis to LinkedIn profile consulting and more without ever pitching anything. Always smiling, Derick talks with a cheerful voice and brings a lot of positive humour. Derick opened my eyes on so many mind-blowing techniques and strategies. Derick is a go-to person for extraordinary SEO, LinkedIn, and Facebook results.

Hamza Faraj

Ottawa, Canada.

Derick of Results Formula is a wealth of knowledge. He has helped us enormously at Body Moves with ideas and strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I feel very enriched and am grateful for all his great input and support along the social media journey. I highly recommend his services and working with Derick.

Adam Gesheit

Melbourne, Australia​​

I'm extremely happy! Derick is just amazing at Facebook, everything he showed me I never knew was possible, especially targeting more of the right people and how to use 'Insights' to test and measure to achieve an even greater response. If you want to know more about how Facebook works, then I highly recommend you talk to Derick. I highly recommend his services!

Jenny Falter-Sauto

Bayport, New York. USA​

Everyone talks about Giving before expecting to receive and Derick personifies that statement perfectly. A brilliant professional, a marketing genius and most importantly a genuine human being who tells it how it is and walks the talk. His insights and experience is bar none and I highly recommend you to connect with him.

Saheb Youssef Bakhsh


Derick Mildred is a dynamic leader committed professional & Expert LinkedIn Coach. He adds tremendous value to his Connections and to the society through his diverse work. He is both a people-driven leader and an effective team player. I am so pleased to recommend Derick Mildred. He brings so much value to those around him through his insightful & thought provoking content & LinkedIn guideline. Highly Recommended for LinkedIn Coaching, Training, Workshops.

Amber Cheema

United Arab Emirates

Derick Mildred is a friendly and helpful gentlemen he has helped me by giving me a warm welcome as well as some much appreciated advice during a consultation with him! I highly recommend Derek Mildred!

Latasha Barnett​

Evansville, Indiana. USA

It has been absolute privilege to chat with Derick. His approach to coaching, inspiring and personality won my respect. He shows interest in understanding my goals and background in details and aligned his advice with them. He gave easy to follow instructions on how to utilize my profile on LinkedIn to build strong relationship and engage with my connections. Highly recommend any organisation, individuals looking to promote their business online to connect with him. It's an honour to know you.

Nevison Kgomotso Marigane​

Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

When Derick reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to do a diversity series with him, I did not hesitate.


Derick is a great professional and definitely knows his stuff. To prepare for this series, we've had a few zoom calls. Derick was not only a very good listener, open to feedback but he also provided me with excellent tips on how to improve my LinkedIn profile and my overall presence on social media.


Thanks to him, I've learned about tools or websites I had no idea were existing, and these have really helped me a lot. I would not hesitate in recommending Derick and am grateful to have had this opportunity to collaborate with him

Virginie Lemay-Vriesde


Highly recommended. Valuable tips and examples, easy to understand and relevant. I am very excited to implement what I have learned. The knowledge that Derick shared extends beyond social media and even addressed some industry-specific challenges that I face.

Estee Visser

Johannesburg. South Africa​​

Derick is full of insights, and offers immediately-implementable takeaways over a range of social media platforms. Derick is definitely a consulting powerhouse and is most definitely recommended.

Vindina Mitha

Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Derick is a great professional with great knowledge on social media. He has valuable suggestions that enrich works, articles, target audiences, with assertive communication. He has valuable contribution to companies and executive professionals.

Adriano Fontana​

Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazill​

Derick is highly professional on LinkedIn coaching, during 30 minutes call he gave me a lot of valuable suggestions, which I think can help me build a stronger LinkedIn network and generate more potential opportunities. Brilliant Derick!

Echo Wu

Ningbo City. Zhejiang. China​

Derick knows LinkedIn very well, so he gives very solid advice and suggestions on how to improve profile search and maximize the potentials of LinkedIn. Definitely recommended!

Patricia Setyadjie

Jakarta, Indonesia​

Derick is an incredibly patient and helpful individual with a wealth of knowledge about LinkedIn and digital marketing.

Laurence Tuck.

Durban, South Africa.