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About Derick Mildred - Facebook & LinkedIn Coach

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LinkedIn Milestones

First joined LinkedIn on Oct 7, 2004. 

Admittedly did very little with LinkedIn until early 2013. 


Until in 2013 with just 207 connections he heard LinkedIn described as 'The Business version or The Professional version of Facebook'. Now with a renewed interest he set about learning what worked effectively on LinkedIn.

Since early 2015 over 90% of his business has been generated from inquiries from connections on LinkedIn.


  • Currently has over 56,000 Connections & Followers.

  • Over 290+ Recommendations (Testimonials) in writing on his LinkedIn profile.

  • Social Selling Index (SSI) Consistently ranked between 85% - 87% 

  • Consistently in the top 1% - 2 % for Profile Views among his connections.

  • Has well over 100 Endorsements for each of his 50 Skills listed on his profile, some over 1,000

  • Publisher of over 190 industry specific articles on LinkedIn.

  • Consistently posts on LinkedIn 2 - 3 X a day.

  • In 2020 his content achieved over 1 Million views.

  • In 2021, 8.5 Million + views of his content.    

Derick Mildred LinkedIn & Facebook Coach
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