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Useful Online Tools for Mortgage Brokers, Realtors & Real Estate Agents.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Over the years I've discovered and used many online tools that have saved me valuable time and made performing the day to day 'online' tasks so much easier!

Here are some of my favorites that I thought I would share with you.

Tools specifically for Mortgage Brokers, Realtors or Real Estate Agents:

Tools for Mortgage Brokers:

For your websites:

Caltronic has a variety of calculators for your website, including calculators for various loan amounts, various interest rates, Repayments incl Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, Insurance & Taxes and many others, you can even custom design your own. Click here to go to Caltronic.

Help your clients fill out forms and applications by creating your own 'How to' style videos with Loom. Instead of writing out instructions on how to fill out a Loan application form, save yourself valuable time and use Loom to show your clients exactly what to do. With Loom you can decide whether you want can capture your screen only or also have yourself through the front camera on your laptop. Click here to go to Loom.

Send your clients and prospects a personal, handwritten 'Thank You' note or any other note directly from your Iphone or IPad and via the regular snail mail. Everybody knows that a 'personal touch' can enhance the professional relationship with your clients and increase your referrals.

Click here to go to Felt.

Tools for Realtors or Real Estate Agents:

BoxBrownie professional photo editing, virtual staging, floor plan redraws and renders. Quickly and easily create enhanced images, remove selected items, retouch photos, virtual renovations and 360degree tours. The tool that many leading agencies use to 'present' properties to another level. Click here to go to BoxBrownie

REveo enables you to allow your prospective buyers to virtually view a property, anywhere, anytime they have access to the phone, tablet, PC/Mac or even via their own internet connected Smart TV in the comfort of their own home, either Live or on demand. Just send them a link.

Click here to go to REveo

RealScout is used by 1,000's of real estate professionals to access and manage advanced market analytics, including the ability to match buyers with relevant listings, compare properties side by side, homebuyer activity intelligence, personalised search portal that you can share search results on your Facebook, and much more. Click here to go to Realscout.

Measure App allows Agents to quickly and easily measure a room without a tape measure, save measurements complete with screenshots for easy access and to share via email, messages etc.

Click here to go to Measure App.

Tools to help you with your LinkedIn:

Photofeeler will help you to find your best face pic for your LinkedIn profile. just upload your face picture and members of the public will vote on it and give you valuable feedback, including how competent, likeable and influential you look. Click here to go to Photofeeler.

Remove.bg is a FREE tool that you can use to remove any distracting background from your face pic as well as other images, just upload a picture and remove will do its 'magic' in seconds.

Click here to go to remove.bg

Hootsuite allows you to schedule your content to be posted at your preferred times, across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn. Hootsuite is one of the very few platforms that LinkedIn is Ok with. Click here to go to Hootsuite.

Tools to help you with Facebook:

Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to stay informed with industry or market leaders are doing, to effectively 'Spy' on your competitors as well as influencers to help you develop your content strategy. Find the best performing content, measure their posts as well as competitor analysis.

Click here to go to Buzzsumo.

Tools to help you with graphic design and building your own images.

Canva is an online platform that is easy to use with hundreds of custom templates provided. You can quickly and easily design amazing images to use in your presentations, on your websites or as part of you social media content strategy. Click here to go to Canva.

Snappa is another easy to use online platform for building and designing your own graphics or images. Included are many templates and hundreds, possibly thousands of images you can use to create and add text to your custom graphic image designs. Click here to go to Snappa.

Tools to help you with Video.

Dvd VideoSoft allows you to quickly and easily download your favorite clips from YouTube.

Click here to go to Dvd VideoSoft.

Clipscribe automatically adds captions or subtitles to your videos, just upload your video to clipscribe and let it do the rest, you can also add effects as well as check and edit the captions. Click here to go to Clipscribe.

WeVideo is an easy to use, online video editing tool that allows you to trim, add images, edit and even add your own CTA's to your videos. Click here to go to WeVideo.

Other useful Tools:

Register your own # hashtags at Twubs. Do you have a good idea for a #hashtag? Check availability and register your very own hashtags. Click her to go to Twubs.

Crystal Knows allows you to master every conversation with your prospects by providing you with valuable personality insights based on their online interests and behaviours and analysis of 100 data points. Click here to go to Crystal Knows.

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